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Department of Environmental Quality seeking South County Wells to test.

Updated: Mar 6

The State of Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality has reached out to our community requesting assistance with a Groundwater Protection project they have been working on.

They are looking for 39 wells to test for a variety of contaminates potentially in the groundwater. Tests include: nitrate/nitrite, arsenic, pesticides and herbicides (legacy and current use), hardness (common ion concentrations), primary and trace metals, coliform bacteria and E. coli, pharmaceuticals and personal care products, and volatile organic compounds.

Sample results will be publicly available, but landowner information will not be included in the public database.

Call or email DEQ to be considered for the study: or 503-693-5736.

DEQ will send you a form with questions about your well. Wells are selected based on location and characteristics. Participants must have spigot access to their well water before any treatment or filtration occurs.

Applications need to be submitted not later than March 10th to be considered. For additional information about the Department of Environmental Quality, and this project, please link to their webpage at:

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