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Think Wild Community Event

Evening Beaver talk at La Pine State Park

Sat Jul 20th 7:00pm - 8:00pm


La Pine State Park Campground

It's an exciting time for beavers in Oregon! There is increasing recognition that beavers (through their creation and maintenance of dams and canals) play a vital role in expanding, restoring and diversifying riparian habitats.

Please join Think Wild for an evening presentation at the amphitheater at La Pine State Park on Saturday, July 20th at 7 pm for a sundown presentation, walk, and chat about how our local native plant and wildlife species can benefit from beaver modified floodplains, along with how beavers and their work can play a key role in wildfire mitigation, carbon sequestration, improved water quality, and much more. While the benefits of beaver are becoming more widely recognized, they face challenges returning to historic parts of their native range. In this talk, you’ll hear stories about the positive effects beavers have on the world, past and present efforts to address their disappearance, and evidence for optimism. Come learn about some of Beaver Works' projects in La Pine State Park and beyond and how you can get involved in supporting beavers. Parking and park admission are free and all are welcome.

Think Wild will also be one of our guest speakers at the Annual Meeting on August 24th and will talk about how to successfully co-exist with not only beavers, but also the other wildlife who we share space with.

For more information about the wonderful work Think Wild does, please link to their site at:

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